Mascot Information technology solution (MITS) is an analytical software and service providing company-covering especially unique customer-centric products of industries such as social welfare, law enforcement, public safety, and nation building etc. also the MITS innovative tools and subject-matter expertise to identify, analyze and resolve difficult problems that affect our citizens, communities of the nation. MITS is a unique combination of business tycoon, great thinkers, creative minds, engineers, domain-leaders, obsessed with delivering the results you demand to move your business forward. Our products provide the essential tools required to analyze real-time data and provide effective solutions, in order to improve your decision making capability and increase your business productivity.

Analytics and Information Processing

With the ever changing business and enterprises, the difference in business model is no longer constrained to the facility, employees and pricing. It is the User experience, smart and faster services and innovative technologies which are becoming the key differentiating factors. Enterprises are no longer using their own money for investment; many a times they borrow money from investors, banks and other financial institutes and fund innovative projects to reap out best outcomes. Now the question for businesses is where to invest and how much should the company invest. Business leaders can no longer afford to stand silo and look at their competitor companies making advancement and reaping benefits, because in no time they could run out of their business; as we have noticed this has happened with world’s leading mobile, computer and car manufacturing firms.

Today’s business need is to for see unseen, walk untraveled paths, finding simple yet innovative solutions for problems. Leading researchers have found that companies who have spent time and effort in Analytics have surpassed their competitors by over 23% growth annually.

Businesses have continuously increased their expenditures in analytics and information processing. MITS bring its vast varied industry experience, researchers, and technical gurus to work as catalyst for your business and help connecting the dots which would carve out your business path to success.

Business Analysis

Businesses in the present market condition needs to be vigilant, agile and adaptive to the ever changing market needs which requires changes in their business model, strategies and cope-up with technological advancements. Nevertheless, this task is not as simple as it may sound; as it requires continuous efforts, money and dedication from business, bringing right talent/experts performing various researches, analysis and brain storming activities before deriving a solution. MITS Business Consulting group provides integrated, sustainable, complete IT enabled solutions and services, right from its inception till its completion helping your company in reaching new statures and help your business in making the difference. MITS brings its in-depth industry experience, experts from diversified fields of sciences, social, economic, environmental and arts bringing-in new perspective to your business and showing company leaders in taking an outsider view at its endeavors and in taking-up, corrective measures and right decisions to propel its growth.

Benefits of engaging Mascot

- Enrich experienced resources
- Process Excellence
- We analyze business model using SWOT, Top-bottom and bottom-up approach, since we understand one shoe size fit all approach doesn’t work.
- Dedicated resources which do not compromise for anything less than best.
- Competitive Pricing

Mobile Application Development

We spacialize in HTML5 based application development for multiple mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

Web Design Services

We provide web development services for the businesses of any size.
We spacialize in designing the websites that are compatible with desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

IT Staffing services

We provide highly skilled workforce for your IT needs.
We provide workforce in many of the advanced technologies including but not limited to SalesForce, WTX, SAP etc.

Software Development Services

We provide software development services for small and midsize businesses.
We offer software solutions on multiple platforms.